The Carl Larsson Lodge
Lodge #739 of the Vasa Order of America

What is the VASA Order of America?

The VASA Order of America began more than a century ago as a fraternal society for Swedish immigrants to the United States. Over the past nine decades, however, the organization has grown to meet the needs of the entire Scandinavian-American community and provides members a way to celebrate the rich heritage and customs of Scandinavia. Although Swedish in origin, the VASA Order today welcomes men and women over 14 years of age of Scandinavian roots (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, or committed to the promotion of Swedish and Nordic heritage) and their families who would like to enjoy the traditions of their forefathers or share their Scandinavian heritage. There are currently 22,000 Vasa members in the USA, Canada and Sweden.

With over 200 local lodges in North America and 45 sister lodges in Sweden, Vasa members and their families come together monthly for fellowship, traditional celebrations and food, educational experiences, Scandinavian music, folk dancing and other activities.

A list of VASA activities includes…

  • Scandinavian cultural and heritage programs, Swedish language study, literature, films and videos
  • Commemoration of Swedish holidays and other specific Scandinavian events
  • Folk dancing, choruses, dinners, dances, sports activities and picnics
  • Children and youth clubs, including summer camps in United States and Sweden
  • Scholarships and student loans for vocational, undergraduate and graduate study in United States, Canada or Scandinavian countries